1st time order custom made & hand made figurine?

Our photo requirement only has 2 conditions
1. Complete 4 angles photo taken and same time with same expression.
2. Any front view photo as long can accept our T&C at below.

1st Time order custom made & handmade figurine?
Just for your information again :) our designers are making the figurine by following photos given, so customers are also advisable to compare the outcome of the figurine with the picture that used to do it, not compare to real person.
We provide and produce cartoonist caricature figurine, the outcome of the figurine will be more on cartoon looking :)


Condition A
Order with qualify photo
-Mine Alesi can provide FREE 3 times amendment service if customer have more than 3 months production time for us and do not have fix date to receive the figurine.
-With 50% figurine cost, customer can retry again the 2nd time figurine head if customer did not like the outcome :)
-Retry 2nd time figurine will only process after 1 month from date of 1st figurine received.
-If retry 2nd time figurine need international courier or local delivery service, the charges will be bear by customer.

Condition B
Order without qualify photo

-No amendment service, fully depend on designer creativeness.
-No retry service if customer did not like the outcome :)

Change photo
-Once order is confirmed, changing of photos or changing the front view photo is not allow in the amendment service. 

Friendly advice
-To avoid extra charges on the retry figurine, it is extremely important to summit qualify photo on 1st time order :)

Refund Policy
-Due to it is fully custom made according to customer face photo and we can't sell to other, if customer refuse to accept the figurine and did not wish to go for retry service (Condition A), Full amount paid is NOT refundable. Please wisely consider before confirmed the order :(


Example below is qualified photo requirement
Example Qualified photo as above.