About Us

About MineAlesi
Custom made Figurine & Gifts – Mine Alesi simply means “something of your own”.
With more than 15 years experience in worldwide, MineAlesi are profession in custom made figurine and personalized gift leading brand in the market.  
With our figurine, no two dolls are the same; being the reason where it is handmade and each is unique to each other, you and your friend will never own the same gift bought.

With ‘Mine Alesi’ gifts, it can be a good gift for your: - Lover, Friends, Colleagues, Family, Schoolmates, Superiors, Subordinates etc.

Likewise, it is also equally attractive for occasions like: - Birthday, Marriage, Company function, Farewell Dinner, Graduation, Valentine’s Day, Father’s and Mother’s Day etc.

Our Objective

In this new age and fast paced world, gifts and souvenirs which are reflective of self-personality is the current tread these days.
Handmade dolls concept like ‘MineAlesi’ is one such example. ‘MineAlesi’ dolls are difference from other because they are made out of customers’ character and personality. Any needs and requirements can be tailored to; depending on imaginations and innovative ideas.

With retrospect to a thousand of toys and gifts in the market, ‘Mine Alesi’ stands out in terms of uniqueness and the individuality factor. It also inherits original-cuteness and memorable attributes which makes it an invaluable gift.