3D advertising sculpture

It catches the eye conveying key information to get out your message. Business’s using 3D advertising sculpture will make your business stand out from competitors. 3D advertising sculpture will brand your business, attract new customers and retain existing clients.

Better advertising means better business. Better business means more jobs and increased its revenues (profits), even doubling sales. Applying 3D advertising sculpture to your business and its avertising needs allow you to make other advertising cut back.

Welcome to MineAlesi 3D advertising sculpture.

We are excited that you are interested in taking your business into the future with our 3D advertising sculpture by Mine Alesi. The people magnet, drawing them to your store front increasing foot traffic and sales. Just think what they spread the word to friends and family which results in additional sales. 3D advertising sculpture has impact because it is so new to advertising and marketing campaigns.

Marketing firms, advertising agencies, sign companies, shopping malls, retails vendors, grand openings, casinos, night clubs, restaurant, auto dealers, gala special events, concerts, festivals and promotions are all ideas uses and we WELCOME you!

MineAlesi is a manufacturer which provide full service in 3D advertising sculpture, mascot and figurine design company. We specialize in outdoor advertising with custom made to order 3D advertising sculpture. All our products are produced with the highest level of professionalism and expertise. We have served many happy and satisfied customers nation wide.

You can contact us directly at 012-6642688 or email [email protected] for further enquires regarding our services.

If you like to know more, you are welcome to visit our factory to get a first hand view of our finished products or call for a meeting with us to further discuss on how 3D advertising sculpture can help boost your business.